Be prepared!

Things you should know before you contemplate to send your tracks to be mastered.

Checklist to browse before you send audio tracks:

  1. Please use interleaved files for stereo.
  2. If delivering tape, please include test-tones and mark the box with the levels used. Also make note of any noise reduction (e.g. Dolby SR, dbx, etc) used.
  3. In your mix, try to get the very best sound you can achieve without compression or limiting on the master bus. If you want to use compression on specific tracks for effect, that’s ok, just don’t add it to the entire mix for level.
  4. Leave a few dB from 0dBFS when printing your final mix.
  5. Don’t normalize the files before sending them.
  6. Please, allow some time e.g. 2-3 sec. before and after the song's start/end (including before/after fades).
  7. Do not convert the sample rate or change the bitrate of the song. I.e. if you’ve worked in 24bit 48kHz during the project, keep this setting for the final mix.
  8. If you already know the order of the tracks, please, let me know in advance. It may help me work more efficiently.
  9. ISRCs and UPC/EAN info that you would like to include on the tracks/disc need to be provided in advance (as I create the master).
  10. If you know of any issues in the audio material, please, let me know in advance so that we make sure they are taken care of apropriately.
  11. Please, let me know what product you want me to master for:
    - for CD it will usually be a DDP or RedBook CD Audio master
    - for LP it might be something different
    - for internet/web it will probably be MP3s.
  12. If you send your mixes on physical cds, please, label them with proper name and contact.
  13. For a proper master, I need at least the following data from you:
    - your full name - e-Mail contact (or snail mail)
    - phone number
    - band and/or project name
    - album title
  14. Name your tracks with the final titel (not something like "best_mix_24_06@11kHz6bit.aiff-to-wav.mp3@64kBit-sec.ogg")
  15. If you plan to send the same mixes to different mastering places for test mastering and shootout, please, leave me alone. I DO testmastering, but only for checking mixes, not to be checked, thats boring (i can give you a list of other mastering facilities if you feel insecure ;-)
  16. If you want attend the mastering sessions, you are welcome, but please, come alone and leave your friends at home.
  17. A substantial amount of cash after any attended session is highly appreciated :)
  18. If I miss your target, one revision is included.
  19. Yes, I know, no-one seems to have a budget for pro mastering these days ... but I operate pro-grade equipment that costs pro-grade cash, and after all you wouldn't want your files to be mastered with Playmobil gear, am I right? So don't bargain too much! :)
  20. Audio mastering with the Audiobomber starts as low as € 20,– per audio-minute (~ $ 25,– per audio minute). That's around 10 times less of what you usually pay those ladies to make you happy, you dog! :)