Castle Mastering Tour

The name "Castle Mastering" originates from castle "Wildberg" (Uppert Austria)
- the location where the Audiobomber has set up his studio and home.

The Castle

Castle Wildberg in Upper Austria, or "Wildtberg" as it was back in the day, was first mentioned by scribes as early as 1135, making it over a whopping millenium old - what you think of that, you Americans? In 1394 the castle became famous as it was used as detention for the then Bohemian monarch King Wenceslaus "The Idle", King Of The Romans, son of German Emperor Charles IV. King Wenceslaus was only held prisoner for around 3 weeks. Nevertheless, his imprisonment had dramatic impact on the castle's history (and his sphincter).

The castle is famous for it's architectural mix of Gothic and Rennaisance styles that have been applied after a big fire in 1654. Today, the Audiobomber walks the haunted hallways and moats, rattling his chains (analog anbd digital) and deliberately wetting his ghostly sheets.

Early footage

Recent images

HDRI images

HDRI ("high dynamic range image") is a special photographic technique. The photographer usually takes a serious of shots with varying aperture/exposure settings. These images are then blended together by special software, resulting in a widley increased dynamic exposure range, giving the images an often supernatural and sometimes gloomy appearance.