Fan of ventilation-outlet

Audiobomber using Fresh-Air-Vent
at maximum air velocity for
facial massage and dental flossing
Fresh Air Ventilation-Outlets
When you are devoted to mastering and thusly tied to the mixing desk, you might start to neglect things like a regular fresh air supply or - as it is the case with the Audiobomber - personal hygiene in general.

Also, taking a look at the audiobomber's AKAI MPC 3000 Vintage Tube Telephone we see that he is ordering a lot of spicy asian food and a noteworthy quantity of junk food. Needless to say: This leads to increased flatulance and quite the revolting body odor!

But the Audiobomber is a prudent and thoughtful contemporary and in order to not make his girlfriend beg him to "at least rinse it every now and then", he has installed the mother of all ventilation sytems: the Dynaudio Jetstream Fresh Air Ventilation System

With an air velocity of up to 320 km/h (~ 200 mp/h) this ventilation system not only rids any room from unwanted "human exhaustion" but also provides formiddable means of facial massaging and dental flossing; two features the Audiobomber is quite keen to utilize frequently!