»Black Monolith« Monitor-Stand
(pixel-count-display compartment)

»Black Monolith« Power Supply
(warshipped by bunch of
primeval mastering engineers)
Kubrick »Black Monolith« Monitor Stand
If you have classy vintage gear, like e.g. the Audiobomber has the amazing GERICOM "Cheapnizz"-LCD-display, then you also need an appropriate monitor stand like the »Kubrick Black Monolith« to place such a gem on top of.

The top image to the left shows the VU-compartment, where two oversized analogue displays indicate the number of pixels currently used by the monitor.

As the Black Monolith supports up to 18 concurrently active displays, it also needs a true powerhouse for its vast energy demands. In the lower image to the left you can see the 1.54 megawatt-version of the legendary "Monolith Power Supply".

Right in front of the Monolith-Power-Supply there is also a tribe of primeval mastering engineers, waiting for either the next mastering job, a significant step forward in their own evolution, or a rivalling tribe which they could pummel properly using bones.