Osram Energy Saving EL27 EQ
Sidechain (left)
Osram Energy Saving EL27 EQ / Sidechain (left)
The Osram HiDef 65 Watts Energy Saving Vintage-Bulb-Tester And Wall Socket Extender does, of course, not need any introduction to any seasoned mastering engineer.

Focusing on only 2 bands, 50Hz and 60Hz, this device is the peak of studio illumination and hum-filtering. Despite its limited bands the device has a lot of cute, nobbly things that you can push and pull, twist and turn while you wait for the light to come on again, after you have blown the fuse once again with the Studer Coffee Grinder ™

All this quality, of course, comes with a price: due to the energetic process of hum-removal you might encounter minor side effects. Here's a picture of what could happen if you've got the odds against you ...

Jack Joseph Puig after mastering
too much Bruno Mars with the Osram on