Playmobil FoH-desk
knob-spinning trainer
Playmobil analogue FoH-desk
knob-spinning trainer
As we all know, the Audiobomber is also an avid FoH-engineer, predominantly on analogue mixing consoles. Analogue FoH-mixing requires the highest dexterity to turn all the cute knobs on an analogue desk properly and quickly.

The Playmobil analogue FoH-desk knob-spinning-trainer is the state-of-the-art potentiometer-knob simulator. It allows you to train your fingers to turn mixer-knobs of any kind in any direction (Note: counterclockwise direction e.g. to crank down the volume is no longer supported out of the box by the trainer, but the module can be purchased optionally).

The Playmobil FoH-knob simulator also comes with a genuine backpanel where you can train to insert and pull not only female XLR plugs but also male ones!(see image above)