Vertigo ChairMaster 2000
(rocking chair controller)
Vertigo ChairMaster 2000
Rocking Chair-Controller
Yay, like we all, the Audiobomber too has to keep his butt in a good mood whenever the studio sessions take much longer than expected. For this task the Audiobomber has only the finest sitting devices in access of which he has chosen the IKEA Føtåss to be his champion-chair (see picture of studio tour). This cozy arm chair is - of course! - compatible with the IEEE 24654.A/D chair rocking-protocol and can therefore be widely controlled by the Vertigo ChairMaster 2000.

Equipped with two channels for the back swing and the forward movement of the chair, the Vertigo ChairMaster 2000 can simulate even the most complex rocking patters.

Being a true audio-pro-kinda-gear the Vertigo ChairMaster 2000 also comes with a state-of-the-art transient- and foot-impulse detection and a "fall-over-backwards"-prevention (FOB) with a chair-damping of up to 48dB / rocking angle(sqrt(PI * pow(sqrt(2))) (FOB index: 48).