Who's the Audiobomber

Surely the reputation and the technical prowess of the Audiobomber
is beyond any reasonable doubt. For those of you being curios, here's a little info ...


The AUDIOBOMBER, born 1967, is a top-notch audio-professional and addicted to sound. In nearly three decades he has undergone all noteworthy, necessary and even unnecessary steps of gaining knowledge and experience in all fields of audio engineering. Nowadays, having achieved an indisputable reputation, the AUDIOBOMBER knows only one main goal: to produce the best sound possible.

Having absolved thousands of live gigs on the FOH-place, from jazz to industrial noise, and all kinds of festivals, he traveled the world for the smallest clubs and biggest stages. Being the chief sound engineer at the famous opera in Salzburg, gave him the opportunity to work with the finest and most highly trained musicians, conductors and orchestras of the world for over 10 years. In 1999 the AUDIOBOMBER realized that - besides all the experience he'd already gained - there was still one field he didn't cover: MASTERING.

Having just moved in to the historical Castle Wildberg, the AUDIOBOMBER decided to launch the »CASTLE MASTERING«-studios and forthwith became a true gear slut. Since then thousands of songs and tracks ran through his slutty gear, profiting from his extraordinary and vast experience, combined with the outstanding equipment he had gathered by then already. Be it Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Noise, Trash, Drum 'n Bass, Dubstep or Chamber Music, the BOMBER is making a living with music since 25 years now, and in the process unraveling the mysteries and secrets of more music styles than the average person would even know exist.

Many audio-newbies are popping up like mushrooms around every corner, claiming to do »mastering« as a part time job, despite lacking the most fundamental knowledge in audio engineering. According to statistics there are 50 times more of so called »mastering studios« than 10 years ago but to state it loud and clear: mastering is the apex in audio production. It's a serious business, demands a plethora of know-how, devotion and love for music, and anyone doing mastering should be trained for at least years before polishing the acquired theory with a further decade of practical experience. »Cobbler, stick to thy last!« as the saying goes. Mastering is is not for hobbyists. It's is for pro mastering engineers and these are very scarce:

The AUDIOBOMBER is proud to be one of them - period.